Article 1 ADOM is a French non-profit association, as defined in the French Law of 1901. Its main aim is to issue an opinion on the authenticity of works attributed to Joan Miró, to seek and detect fakes and counterfeits of the works of Joan Miró and to take the necessary actions to ensure that said fakes and counterfeits are removed from commercial circuits and that fraudulent actions prejudicial to the work of Joan Miró are punished by law (Article 2 of the Articles of Association).

The Authentication Committee of ADOM meets regularly to examine works on paper, paintings, sculptures and ceramics presented to it by any person. Where applicable, it issues a Certificate of Authenticity.

The list of members of the Committee and their biographical notice are available on request.

The authentication of graphical works (engravings, lithographs, silkscreens and serigraphs) is carried out by Ms. Rosa Maria Malet at Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona (contact: +34934439470 or

Article 2 Each work is examined personally at first hand by the members of the Committee.

The owner of the work, or the owner’s agent, must deposit or send the work, without frame to the offices of ADOM before each meeting of the Committee, on the day and time agreed, against signature of a deposit certificate.

After the work has been examined by the committee, the depositor or sender will be advised when to collect it. ADOM cannot be held liable for any damage that occurs after the date stipulated for the return of the work to the depositor.

Article 3 The cost for opening each case file is € 200 excluding VAT.

The procedures and costs of removing the work from its frame and for sending and insuring must be fully assumed by the applicant.

The fixed prices for establishing Certificates of Authenticity vary according to the technique and significance of the work:

Paintings, sculptures, ceramics: €2000 excluding VAT

Works on paper, depending on their significance: € 700 / 1000 / 2000 ex VAT

The invoiced sums are subject to VAT at the rate applicable on the date of invoicing (currently 20%).

No copy of the Certificate of Authenticity will be issued.

Article 4 The Authenticaton Committee of ADOM reaches its decision on the basis of the current knowledge of the work of Joan Miró and the archives and documentation at its disposal. Its members issue an artistic and stylistic opinion of the work.

If scientific analysis or examinations are found to be necessary, they must be conducted by professionals at the costs of the owner of the work, on the basis of a cost estimate submitted to the owner in advance.

Neither ADOM nor its members can be held liable for an error in attribution revealed at a later date by information not provided to them at the time or as a result of scientific analysis.

Article 5 The works which are considered after examination to be fakes or artistic frauds may be the subject of amicable or judicial attachment, for confiscation or destruction, at the request of the heirs and assigns of Joan Miró.

The owner of the work or his/her agent shall be immediately notified thereof.

Article 6 Any dispute arising on the occasion of the deposit of a work or its examination shall be governed by French law and submitted to the competent courts of Paris.